13 August 2011

Persona 4 Special Interview

by 23:59
During Day 1 of Comiket 80 2011, a small booklet about Persona 4 The Animation was handed out, which included an interview with the Director Kishi Seiji from Angel Beats! and Producer Adachi Kazuki from Persona -trinity soul.

Now, I'm sure as hell not going to translate the whole interview as my level ain't high enough to decipher the runes, have that much time or the patience either, but here's a summary of what the interview revealed;
  • Changing of Personas (I'm guessing the main character can change Persona?) 
  • There will be Persona Fusion (just like the game)
  • Background of the main character in development
  • Rules will be established when summoning Personas
  • Airing time will (of course) be at Midnight (this holds alot of meaning in the show)
  • Be sure to watch Episode 4 (Yukiko scene?)
  • The "Bonds"(絆) as the main theme of the game will absolutely not be altered in anyway in the series. 

Anyway, there's ALOT of expectation coming from the masses (me included) and really really hope it impresses us all when it airs this October 2011.

The rest of the booklet provides information on the characters, the background setting and art, including a short introduction to the world in the TV.

Be sure to check out the latest P4 trailer, which includes the OP of the series, "sky's the limit", sung by Hirata Shihoko (ZOMG) and written by Lotus Juice (YESSSSSSSSSSSS). And yeah, I'm stupid like this ( ´∀`)

Next trailer should be around August 12th, according to my calculations.

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