10 August 2011

How to Make Your Own Mawaru Penguins

by 12:20
Couple of days ago, I shared a post on how to make your own Penguindrum Hat in an active Mawaru Penguindrum thread from 2ch. Today, I'll be sharing how to make your very own Penguins #1, #2 and #3!

The following are high reso images of printouts for the Penguin papercrafts. No.3 would be the one with the bow, followed by the number labelled at the back of each penguin, thos No.1 doesn't have it for some reason.

Feel free to print this out and make yourselves some penguins! ^^

Step by step instruction on how to assemble them was scarce and hard to find in such an active thread.
Hopefully these images could provide some insight.

On another note, I should be able to resume my regular posting from my brief hiatus a couple of weeks back as of this week. Unfortunately, there isn't anything interesting in 2ch at the moment, as most of them are concerning the latest episodes of the current season, DVD/BD sales and quality comparisons, or maybe I'm just not lurking hard enough lol.

Nevertheless, will keep posting whatever I dig up.

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