20 March 2011

「Madoka Magica」Rubbing Mami: The Game

by 01:44
Mami wants you to rub here, nao!

[How to Play]
It seems for Puella Magi Mami to produce her signature weapons, flintlocks, she needs to be 'excited' to a certain extent, or 'aroused' if you will, to produce more mana points (MP).

Use your mouse to "rub" all over Tomoe Mami to create flintlocks.
The more you rub, the more will fall.
The first flintlock is dropped at 0, with another dropping at every 100 MP gathered from the rubbing.
You have 25 seconds to arouse Mami as much as possible.
The more MP gathered, the greater the damage on a "certain white devil" at the end of the 25 seconds.

Since there's no PMMM this week (and until a definite schedule is released), here's something to cheer you guys up until we get back to normal broadcasting hours. ^^

Best was over 1300 MP, so I'll end my BS here.

I'm seriously busy and (literally) dead tired this month as I've mentioned before, so not much update on this site until something big happens. Next post will be next Tuesday-ish on "Comparisons" just to fulfill the monthly quota, then I'll go quiet until my finals are over in early April.

Sorry if you were expecting more from this site, as I've got loads of news to share with everyone but RL issues are automatically assigned a 'Level 5 Priority tag' (can't be helped). Until April then!

[Click the left button "Start Game (ゲーム開始)" to play and "Retry (リトライ) after the game to restart]


Anonymous said...

=w= wow sound a little bit of an eroge to me hahaha

Blacksun88 said...

agree =.= really look like an eroge XD

MonoNoAware said...

Actually it is a little lame... a little to lame to be an eroge.

Yoshii-kun said...

Can this really be considered eroge? ^^"

bishiewuvr said...

Her little voice is soooo cuuuute X3 I no yuri

bishiewuvr said...

Oh, and have you seen this game yet? You use your mouse-wheel to give her cake


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