13 March 2011

「Madoka Magica」25 Seconds with Kyuubee: The Game

by 21:02
Kyouko's revenge; served cold and bloody.
You're itching to play this, aren't you?

[How to Play]
Kyouko has snapped and fortunately, Kyuubee is on the receiving end.
Extract your revenge on that sneaky little bastard by clicking as many times as humanly possible on the screen.
Each click is equivalent to a megaton-punch by Kyouko's fist and every 10 punches kills 1 Kyuubee.
Punch as much as you can within the time limit: 25 seconds. 

Simple, yet gratifying

Kyouko fans are sure to love this game as much as I did.
Got about 16 Kyuubees and 168 hits.
Didn't feel this good in awhile (probably because of my pile of work and all the bad stuff going on recently)

Think of the suffering each Puella Magi had to go through, for 4 times as you deliver each satisfying punch.

[Click the left button "Start Game (ゲーム開始)" to play and "Retry (リトライ) after the game to restart]

PS: My condolences to anyone who's lost a loved one in the "Great Tohoku Earthquake" which struck Japan at 2.46 JST on Friday 11th of March 2011. 

May god help us all... 


Blacksun88 said...

118 hit... coz i laugh too much >< want to convey my blessings to japan too

bishiewuvr said...

OMG, i got that too!

Yoshii-kun said...

@bishiewuvr Fast clicker, aren't you? xD

bishiewuvr said...

Yup! XD I actually beat that record

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