21 March 2011

「Macross Frontier」3DCG Pachinko CM

by 19:31

( ゚д゚)・・・

So anyway, I found these CMs by pachinko company, Sankyo. They're known for adapting anime titles into pachinko slot machines at one of their many nationwide stores/parlours.

So, what's pachinko? ☞( ̄ー ̄)☞  PACHINKO FOR DUMMIES BEGINNERS

More importantly, Sheryl CM is just HHHHNHNNNNNNNNNGGGGGGGGGG  

The idiots at Sankyo's channel took this down just after I spread the word about this. =_=
Anyway, here's an alternative (china) site to watch it. It has both CMs combined.

Ranka CM ver.

Sheryl CM ver.        

I still can't find anything on Sankyo's site about Macross F slots, except for their Ranma 1/2 slots. That was one of the first few shows I watched many moons ago.

My guess is that it will be something like this in the video below, as they've done the old "Macross" series too, with a couple of videos still hanging around.

Pretty cool concept as the only memory I have of pachinko slots are the balls falling down repeatedly in front of you (or something like that), but never have I seen a joystick attached to the machine...

Can't find a release date (or maybe it's already there according to this list), so pop by a Sankyo parlour today!

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