21 March 2011

"Senkaku Ramming Incident" Plastic Models

by 21:56
What the... seriously? 

So it seems, model-kits company, Aoshima, known for their plastic models from aircrafts to tanks to ships, has made models for both vessels that were involved in the "Senkaku Ramming Incident".

At the bottom left of this image, you can see the China-boat model which allegedly rammed into Japanese coast guards maritime vessel is included with the model kit.

Model lovers can now replay the whole "ramming" incident in a 1/700 scale set, without worrying about ensuing fiasco to follow.

The funny part is, I had no idea the Hayabusa Umitaka was already up for sale!
Thats one heck of a cover art ^^;
I kinda like it tho, especially with the Senkaku Island as the backdrop

Available at;
Hobby Search < (images of the China boat at here)

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なに =。= ?

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