24 February 2011

「Ika Musume x Ferrari」Invasion; (re)Start Your Engines!

by 23:18
News of another invasion by Ika Musume has overwhelmed fans as they rejoice at the announcement of a confirmed season 2, with the the official site going up yesterday.

This time, however, Ika-chan will have the support of a certain sports car manufacturer to "speed up" the invasion.

GT and anime otaku certainly get the best of both worlds, as Ika Musume is set to dominate the racing scene.
「Ika Musume x Ferrari」
The "Invasion of Mankind" Dream Tag Team!!

A collaboration for the "Invasion of Mankind Plan", Ika Musume, the hard part-time worker of Lemon Beach house and prominent racing car Ferrari has taken over LMP MOTORSPORT!

The invasion of the Super GT 2011 Series circuit begins de-geso! 
It seems the invasion just got some real horsepower and speed.

2ch speculates the ita-Ferraris that might invade the circuits;

*the denizens silently agree that the 458 Italia Ferrari would best suit the invasion, with a little "ika" markings

Meanwhile, the studio responsible for this little invader, Diomedea Inc. has finally updated their list of works with Ika Musume 2 sitting at the top.

*if you're wondering what's the 2nd title from the top, its Diomedea's latest work "Lotte no Omocha" due in April 2011.


Ika-chan may not have invaded the rest of humanity, but she is certainly poised to dominated time itself and iPhone applications with one of her own!

Shinryaku! Ika Musume Clock Application! (iPhone App Store)

◯ Standby clock function 
- Character display: Ika Musume appears on the screen. Face and facial expression changes at random. 
Minutes on the screen will display the current year, month, date and time. 
- Function Times: speaks the time scheduled for each time. 
- Auto Voice Playback: If you touch my daughter speaks squid randomly every 10 minutes. The expression will change according to the voice. 
- Touch Voice Play: When you touch Ika Musume, she speaks a random line. The expression will change according to the voice 
- Random Events: "Ebi Events" feed her shrimp have to make squid ink. "Squid ink event" occurs randomly. 
Show Time - aggression: If you touch the time display part time "aggression" is displayed. 
Raid time "clock app aggression" show the cumulative startup times. 
Time to break through a certain aggression. 
◯ Alarm 
- Alarm Voice: You can play a user-set alarm. 


Blacksun88 said...

let the invasion starts again!!

Xarda said...

I have to say, the invasion has already begun!

Ferrari X ika musume... better than the hatsune miku car.

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