24 February 2011

「Madoka Magica」Purchase Bonuses, Special Contents & Charts

by 07:45
With Madoka Mania on the rise, retailers timely announce the merchandises that will be included with the Limited Edition BD volumes.

Above would be the rough sketching of, what's to later be, a bonus when purchasing the volumes, with different original bonuses to be included with the volume from different retailers, further explained below and here.

Original Illustrated Whole Volume Box

Original Illustrated Extra Large Tapestry


Original Illustrated Whole Volume Box
Bromide photo scene for each volume purchase (total of 6)
*so far, Gamers is proved to be the most popular among preorders/fans for obvious reasons.

Original Illustrated Telephone Card


Original Illustrated B2 Poster

Pick your poison here.

Someone has already gone ahead and given Madoka some colours with HMV's signature shirt.
*I'd prefer to order from HMV for the poster ^^

I've come to like the HMV dark yet striking shirt designs.
I can't seem to remember if this was part of the employee's attire back in HK. Hmmmmm...

Anyway, here's some other previous flag mascot girls draped in HMV colours ^^

Also, found this on 2ch thread, which was found on 4chan.
Funny how that works sometimes.

Magical Power Chart;


Anonymous said...

Madoka + Morning rescue = WIN

The Extroverted Otaku said...

Don't forget to smile =)

Yourtime said...

what is hmv? love merry in her t-shirt x)

Yoshii-kun said...

@Yourtime Entertainment retail chain. Like Virgin Records and Tower Records. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HMV_Group

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