25 February 2011

「Working!!」figma Taneshima Popura and Inami Mahiru

by 09:14
Jumping straight out from cross-dressing, restaurant-themed anime "Working!!", Taneshima Popura and Inami Mahiru receives the figma treatment from Max Factory.....

*some images have died due to bandwidth overload. Hosting latest images on a private server now.
Should be up again by end of month. Sorry for the inconvenience m(_ _)m 

....or so you thought.

I'll spare you the drama and skip right to the details: "This is a fake desu~"

If your eyes, worked like mine, fell on the figma first before eyeing the plague beside them, you've been duped.
Plague says both will be released in "June 2077" (wtf?) and its done by "figmo" (obviously a deviant of a certain series). The supposedly "Max Factory" label at the bottom has been shortened to something less legible, but obviously not long enough to make up the actual manufacturers name. My guess is its a custom GK figma, thus the above troll photoshoot that looks like it was taken at some convention/expo.

I wasted a good 10min searching 2ch for more info about these figma, only to notice it later when I came up with
"0 search results" for the upteenth time OTL

They went as far as to provide a (fake) poster advertisement for Mahiru too, just like figma Kamijou Touma before.

But interesting array of options there. Love the wall breaking effect  ^^
I'll try to find the Popura version of this poster, so we can have a good laugh again.

If MaxF willing, we might see this figurized somewhere waaaaaay before 2077.....


Anonymous said...

I kind of thought that it was obvious when I saw it. ^ ^;

If only it was real!

The Extroverted Otaku said...


You've got a better perception than I me then. Haha.

Even if it was real, something should have appeared on MaxF's blog. here's to hoping it will be! ^^

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