08 June 2010

An Expected Delivery

by 03:14
Upon arriving home, I was greeted by an over-excited Miku, who kept tugging my sleeve for some reason. 
Did I forget to feed her negi this morning? But I'm pretty sure I fed her before I left. Then, she mentioned to upstairs and said the mailman came. Naturally, I followed her up and found a parcel on my bed. Thanks for signing it, Miku! 

I wonder what I got this time... ^^"

Actually wondered if this was the right package, as I don't recall ordering something this large. Only one way to find out though, the hard way ^^

Had Mio look after the parcel after putting a tired Miku to bed while I grabbed some grub for the night. 
Many thanks Mio! You can go back to practicing while I bring up your cake later ^^

Got something AmiAmi ^^ (But why "Oh-ami"?) 

While we're at it, lets take a look at shipping methods from Japan for a bit. 

As you may/not know, there are 3 ways to ship something from the land of the rising sun. 
There's Surface Mail, SAL and finally, EMS. All three will eventually send the item at your doorstep, but the vast difference between the three would be the timing and condition of the parcel at the receiving end.

Surface Mail, explains for itself. Your package would travel only on the surface of the Earth, arriving possibly 1-3 months later, depending on which part of the world you are residing, with no guarantee of condition after passing so many hands. A definite pass.

Surface-Air-Lift (SAL) is the most common and cost effective method to send anything abroad. They make use of  the open space on outbound flights heading to designated countries. There is also Air Mail, but SAL is preferred as it has both "surface mail" and "air mail" services in one.  
"The service is faster than surface mail while the cost is lower than air mail" - JP Post. 

EMS is top priority mail among international mail. They guarantee the posts will be delivered in approx. 2 - 4 days time to countries, all over the world (on this list). 

EMS comes with 3 perks; insurance, predictable arrival and of course, online tracking. 
Online tracking nowadays are essential, especially when entrusting the package to a familiar courier with unfamiliar hands.
But more importantly, it soothes the uneasiness of the awaiting recipient. =D

It took exactly 3 days, according to the tracking above. And that was over the weekend. 
Was sent to my place where Miku graciously picked it up on the next working day (Monday)

Honestly, I just wanted to try out this EMS service to see how reliable they are, which they passed with flying colours. Though, the damage was the extra shipping charges applied as you can see on the "Proof of Delivery" sheet above. Next is to try SAL but I'll leave that for next time. 

But for the curious, see JP Post and cdJapan on further shipping details.

Something about contents that exceed 200,000円 must be declared by customs or something. Ain't reading it right since it's unimportant, seeing as my package has already arrived ^^

Translated to "Released" by the guys at customs. I actually wondered if it would get past customs here, so I sent an email to AmiAmi. They mentioned they had past problems with "MALAYSIAN" customs, concerning explicit figures like from Ikkitousen (I know its just a figures, but even that is pushing the limit, knowing what type of figures those are) and other stuff. 

So, I gambled and struck gold. Thanks to customs ^^

Now lets start dissecting of the box ^^
No. 333?  o.O

Yay! Perfect condition! ^_^
Nicely wrapped too. 

Also, I've noticed AmiAmi keeps mentioning that they won't mark the package as "Gift", which people assume will be much easier to pass customs. No matter parcel size or label it may have, everything is screened and checked before bringing anything from abroad. Unless you can label it as "Diplomatic Mail" by an official, which is highly unlikely to happen.

So I kindly ask AmiAmi to "wrap tightly", or was it "wrap extra" instead? Don't know if it's standard practice but I found 3-4 layers of paper covering to cushion the merchandise. Wow  o.O

So this would be my first oppad. Oppad is literally a cross between "oppai" and "pad" for the unknown.
You don't need to ask whats "oppai", do you? ^^"

Art is good, and the raised lower section gives it that 3-D oppad look.
My lecturer once said we should go for ergonomic products. No objections here.

This is what's behind. "Sora no Otoshimono [Ikarosu] Mouspad" 
The sticker is by "Kadokawa Productions", but the manufacturer is new, "Grands".
They're new figure of Ikaros is still available for pre-order btw.

Have no idea what the material is used for the wrist rest but its slightly firmer than sponge, which is awesome. How much this resembles a woman's is unknown, but if I may say so, they're soft enough to go *puni puni*

Testing out how much mobility and flexibility my wrist is given. And it's really soft.

Testing out with my mouse. I'd recommend to get this or something similar for those who have glued-to-chair-and-monitor syndrome as the wrist is one of the most stressed part when using the mouse constantly. 
So the advantages?

  1. Ergonomical Mouspad. 
  2. Wrist comfort
  3. "Realistic" Oppai
  4. Ikaros oppai
  5. Instant eye and stress reliever =)
And have I mentioned how soft they are? ^^"

Was thinking of Ninja Gaiden's jiggling boobs for some reason.
Too bad they don't auto jiggle, so I need to operate them manually. How tiresome ^^;

There's still some available if you're quick enough. Available instantly at AmiAmi here.


Yourtime said...

omg awesome x).. ikarus is a classic one :D. I'm too.. embrassed to buy one and wouldn't use it really, because I don't have a mouse with my laptop XD. I would specially want mio ;D http://www.1999.co.jp/itbig13/10136135a.jpg

and thanks for the tip with ami ami, they are really great, too bad that they doesn't have a notificate system for restock.

Yoshii-kun said...

@Yourtime Yeah, no notification feature, but instead subscribe to a japanese blog that lets me know when Amiami restocks stuff. Its in moonrunes tho lol. http://www.foobarbaz.jp/

Yourtime said...


ah thanks, now I know why I have foobarbaz in my rss XD.. (forgot it already)

Would you buy another oppad? why did you choose ikarus?

Yoshii-kun said...

@Yourtime Perhaps, if I find another design which I would like to have ^^.

As for the why, I've got 2.

1. This Ikaros oppad was an AmiAmi exclusive with limited production. And you know how people love getting exclusive stuff haha.

2. My story http://www.figure.fm/post/en/17026/Oppads+Galore+for+only+980%E5%86%86.html

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