22 April 2010

Simmoned Figures #1 - Nendoroido Hatsune Miku 「ねんどろいど 初音ミク」

by 13:56
 (I hope this pic doesn't violate any copyr. issues)

I was poking around GSC's site when I came across some interesting articles, particularly this one; concerning fake figurines creeping around in the market.(It seems that this "simmon" meme is here to stay ^^,)

Looking at how they are poorly done, it kinda irked me, as well as GSC, (alot of things have irked me this month, huh?) to think there are people who would actually bother making useless "simmoned" pieces of plastic.

But then again, I expect no less from the country where everything in the world is "made in China", from shoes to LV bags and now; horrendous simmoned figures. So, from time to time, I'll highlight some faux figures on GSC

(note; original context is in Japanese. I do not take credit for the comparison done, simply translating the actual context for English readers with added comments of my own)

Starting with a figure we're all familiar with (and re-runned 3 times already), Nendoroid Hatsune Miku!!!

Threat Level : 3/5

(Red; Genuine | Blue; Counterfeit)

 Entire Packaging: Different Coloured Line Package.
If you strain your eyes a little harder, you will notice the hue difference in the highlighted line; a bit more greenish than usual.

Package: Rough Package Pictures
Quite obvious, as the sample poses of Miku are grainier and rougher instead of the original which is smoother.

Top Surface Package: Reversed Line Colour
Apart from the grainy picture of Miku, one might over look the fact that the line colours have been reversed
Genuine: Green -> White
Fake: White -> Green

Package Surface: Copyright, Grid and Artist Name
Took me awhile to notice the difference, but only found minor differences, which is scary btw

Artist Name : Artist name is actually 「あげたゆきを」 but GSC said the counterfeit used 「け」 instead. However, I found the misspelling was a 1 stroke difference, not 2 stroke if you look carefully
(comma part of the "ke" which changes to "ge")

Also, the "Copyright" does not have a "circle", while the grid pattern is darker on the counterfeit, compared to the original.

Back Package: Artist Name
This clearly states the misspelling of the artist name, 「あげたゆきを」 but the fake used 「け」 instead.

Figure: Everything?
GSC has already pointed out the shabby work and obviously fake parts on the counterfeit. Genuine parts are matted, NOT GLOSSED, which means they're not suppose to shine or reflect light. Also, the combination of eyes and mouth positions are screwed up. And the fake Miku has sunburn/rosycheeks on her face (reddish)

Skirt: Belt and Belt Loop.
Obvious to see, its missing the detailing on the belt effects, as well as being glossy

Hip axis: No separate parts, different colours
The hip part cannot be removed on the counterfeit, which is too much trouble for the pirates to manufacture them separately. So, its all fixed on with 1 colour painted over.

Arm prints: Sleeve Prints 

(right arm/left arm; right arm/left arm)
Hard to notice at first but, the prints on the sleeves are symmetrical on the genuine but not on the counterfeit. Short story is; the fake has 2 left sleeves. 

Pedestal: Missing Copyright Notation
As you can see, the "Crypton" copyright and symbol are missing, with only the lovely "Made in China" etched on it in Caps and Bold. Disgusting though...


bakem0n0 said...

Hey extroverted otaku, thanks for the heads-up ... going to be extra vigilante when buying puchis and figurines @.@ I've had it with imitations from China , this draws the line !

The Extroverted Otaku said...

No probs bakem0n0. Glad to help inform such individuals, which is the main function of this humble blog ^^

Though, these imitations are VERY SIMILAR, as I noticed it when I last went to HK; http://extrovertedotaku.blogspot.com/2009/12/certain-otaku-shopping-spree-in-hong.html

Will post more ITF

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