18 March 2010

Season 2 - Sora no Otoshimono

by 20:40
 Houst-I mean, Ikaros, we have confirmation. 
It's a green light!
WE HAVE LIFT OFF (again)~!

To those praying for the continuation of this oppai-busting-with-overload-of-fanservice anime, god has answered them...

The sequel to flying-pantsu anime, Sora no Otoshimono has been confirmed. Evidence such as the wraparound jacket band that covers the latest reprints of 1.5million copies of the manga's seven volumes.

Further news on the last DVD volume, the un-aired episode #14 Project Pink which was considered "too dangerous" has been removed from the 7th DVD release, replaced with a concert live of the soraoto cast.

Image © 2009 Suu Minazuki/Kadokawa Shoten/Sorami Shin Tairiku Hakken-bu

Via ANN, 2ch

As to the continuation of the story, hopefully (and most likely) the anime will follow the manga plot, with new characters introduced such as;
  • Type Delta Angeloid: Astraea XD
  • Chaos =(
Personally, I was expecting this second season to come. It's just pure blasphemy to miss out on these wonderfully illustrated manga chapters and not animate them;
  • Yo-Yo [Boing-Boing] Competition (STILL my favourite until today)
  • Swimming with Tomoki ^^
  • Wrestling Match Festival (another "festival")


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