26 March 2010

Unaired Sora no Otoshimono Episode Confirmed Release

by 18:34
Nothing sells better than having a 
special unaired episode of more flying pantsu with 
LIMITED EDITION DVD taped all over it...
 Announced together with Mirai Nikki manga, the ninth volume of Sora no Otoshimono will be bundled with an "original anime DVD", containing an episode which did not air during the manga's television anime adaptation.

Those who wish to procure such treasures, including a copy of "premium anime DVD" for Mirai Nikki manga, will have to bear another few months until the September shipment arrives.

Now for the interesting part...

The Mangaoh Club online retailer listed the DVD's bundled together. The site describes in detail and even announced the title of the unaired episode, which is 「女子更衣室覗きてーっ!」 
 For those not fluent in kanji, (and to save time on Google translate), [Woman's Locker Room for God to Peek]

Yes, it the episode where we venture into the New World of women's changing room and more importantly, the swimming pool locker rooms! Those who can't wait for September to arrive, may flip to Chapter 16 of the Soraoto manga at your nearest online mango browser and enjoy before the arrival of the DVD.


Didn't the company announce that the release of the unaired episode would be confirmed later? 
And wasn't it titled, #14 Project Pink?

So do we have 2 unaired episodes? 
Or just maybe, they fall under the same title? 

We shall see...this September. 


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