14 June 2011

Ano Hana Nendoroids Spotted

by 00:37
Custom Nendoroids Anjou Naruko, Honma Meiko and Tsurumi Chiriko have been conceived by an avid fan of drama anime Ano Hana.

This was taken at Chichibu, Saitama, the town model for the art designs in the series. 
Behind is the iconic bridge also seen in the opening credits. 
Location and more images of the bridge can be seen here

Super Peace Busters! 

Also, this site ain't dead just yet; I'm just not at home most of the time. 

I've been very (very) busy as of late, as my new schedule requires me to leave the house before the sun rises and lets me come home way after it sets, all throughout the weekdays, leaving me with very little time during the weekends.

Thus, everything will most likely be posted on Sat or Sun in one go. Bad for me, good reading material hopefully for you.

Sorry for the changes in posting schedule if you've been a reader of mine for awhile (since I regularly posted lots of nonsense on a daily basis before), so please bear with me as I try to bear with his stupid schedule and worn out body of mine.

Its now 1.00pm and I've got 4 hours of sleep left. Great. Time to hit the sack.


Blacksun88 said...

=.= ganbare... i can understand the lack of personal time due to work..

pinkcheeks said...

i wonder how to they make those custom nendoroids...

Yoshii-kun said...

@pinkcheeks I'd imagine they'd use a custom mould for the resin/epoxy to set in, or use older nendoroid face parts as the base. I've only seen the process once in a BBS, regrettably not saving the image.
I might just post something on how to make custom nendoroid if I ever do come across that thread again ^^

You can get an idea on how they're made, with a fan-made custom Nendoroid Kobayakawa Rinko Winter Uniform from Love+ ^^;

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