15 February 2011

「Madoka Magica」Kyuubee Invades; Undergoes Evolution

by 02:15
Already infamous for conspiring and plotting against Mahou Shoujos, the discontent, forgetful familiar "Kyuubee" is poised to launch an invasion against other anime title to further spread his reign of terror.
The next victim will be the upcoming time-warping anime, Steins;Gate. Set to premier in Spring 2011, a collaboration of some sort has been contracted, but to what degree is still unknown.

Hopefully, the contract will display all "Terms and Conditions" explained in full detail in the near future with what it may entail, along with a less forgetful white-ball-of-death to oversee the agreement.

Meanwhile, an Anti-Urobochi recon team has spotted a few Kyuubees having undergone some unnatural forced evolution in preparation for what seems to be, a bloody invasion;


Just what might happen when Shiteyanyo and Kyuubee Mk II form an alliance, could spell the end of everything...

1 comment:

Blacksun88 said...

o.o cross series collaboration? no, no more QB ><

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