12 January 2010

Paypal Services and it's Global Convenience for Malaysians

by 02:50
1 in every 3 online shoppers in the US uses PayPal. And there's 150 million US users in 2008
 Now, those figures may not surprise you as we head into a new decade of an IT dominating world. But considering when it was first used commercially until today, its still a baby to many eyes. However, this "baby" is a genius and has changed the way we do online shopping or purchases.

So, why use PayPal? What's the difference when charging it to your credit card (CC) online? And is it really safe? 

To be honest, nothing is safe anymore on the Internet. One way or another, someone WILL get your personal details and voila! Identity theft has occurred. But it's much better with PayPal (with some form of security) than blindly inputting your CC number and wake up to find an online receipt about some "donation" or "purchase" you had no idea about.
PayPal allows customers to pay with their CC or debit cards (DB) without showing your card at all. Think of it as a screen on your card which buyers can only charge you, but not gain info on your card details. 
A few months back, I have been trying to get a PayPal account to do online purchases of figures from online hobby stores, such as Play Asia!

The procrastination on WHEN to get it was long but I opted for Maybank Debit Card in the end. Why Maybank? Even though its a shitty bank with lots of problems internally and politically?
  • Many branches everywhere - easy for a quick cash deposit
  • Simple and straightforward - one of the few Malaysian banks to provide debit cards
  • And because it's located 500m away from my house... =D

 So how does 1 use PayPal and link it to their MayBank account to shop online? 

Short story is; complicated but simple

If you have no skill in online banking (like me until recently) and no idea how PayPal actually works, you're in for one heck of a search frenzy to find proper guidelines to actually link them.

So I shall explain to new online shoppers (only in Malaysia) on how to use PayPal (using Maybank services) in a way even an idiot can enjoy online purchases of figures;

1. Get a credit/debit card + account 
---> 2 essential things to start with. If not, how is PayPal gonna charge you? Credit cards are fine but they pose less risk than debit cards. New cherry MYB cards come with a Visa logo at the bottom. VERY IMPORTANT to have that logo. Process of opening a new account with MYB is immediate upon registration which is good.

2. Enable Maybank2u.com services 
---> This is a must as it is the only link between your account balance and PayPal payments. Head to the ATM and look for Maybank2u services application. Enable it. You might wanna increase your spending limit as well if you plan on purchasing online after converting your item and stuff from USD to RM. 

3. Enable MSOS Maybank. 
---> Head over to their website at "maybank2u.com.my" and register as a user. After logging in, go to Utilities at Home tab and click the MSOS link. Follow the steps from there onward to activation your online banking service. Now for the PayPal part.

4. Get a PayPal account
---> Depending on how heavy of a user you are, choose 1 of the 3 categories; Personal, Premier or Business. Unless you're with a company or plan to sell stuff as well, avoid Premier and Business. I'd stick to Personal which is ONLY payments and transfers.

5. Link your DB/CC to PayPal. 
---> A tricky part here. One needs to enter their CC/DB information (should be safe. works for me) on their database so that you don't to whip out your card every time.After entering the correct details, they will charge you USD 1.95 as a deposit while it verifies your card. In your online statements at MYB2u.com about 2-3 days later, get the PayPal 4digit code and verify your card with it. They'll refund you the deposit back but in PayPal funds. Consider it gone or a transaction fee. 

6. Start purchasing online
---> Make sure you have ample savings before purchasing to avoid complications later on (like me). Unfortunately, you can't add funds as MY doesn't support online bank transactions with PayPal. There are fees attached if you use it but their NOT CHEAP. So just bank what you need and PayPal it. 

Security and Theft Prevention Tips

A good point is to regularly change your password. Makes life for the hacker a lot more troublesome. But please remember the new one =.=

Another is to NOT STORE bank account, login ID and Pass on paper and such. You'd never how who or where it might end up later.

In case of actual breach of your account, just be prepared to lose everything in your account. Store minimum amounts and deposit only when you plan on purchasing as you will have regrets later on if the a/c was ever hacked into.

 Pretty simple but still complicated in a way. 

So, that's practically all the information regarding Maybank and PayPal I can provide. Not very sure with Public Bank but procedure wise, its the same, globally. Let me know if you have any question or run into trouble when setting up. I have no problems now and have ordered for this;

Hehe. Can't wait for it to arrive.


Anonymous said...

thanks for the info. I've been looking for this info for awhile.

The Extroverted Otaku said...

Sure thing. Glad I could help ^^

Anonymous said...

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