24 October 2009

#77 Nendoroid Saber Lily [Fate/unlimited Codes]

by 01:27
Its October people! Besides my daily dosages of anime each day, I recently received my pre-order since August. Finally, ITS HERE~!

For those who have yet to watch or barely know the Fate franchise, here's a small summary/synopsis on this nendroid's history;

Originally from the Fate/stay Night series, an arcade-style game was born with an all-star duel between characters of the Fate series. One can even use Saber, a saber class fighter, and defeat her enemies with her famous Noble Phantasms such as Excalibur and Avalon. Unlocking this form, Saber Lily, can only be done after defeating all characters using Saber Alter, the darker side of Saber.

Sittin...I mean standing pretty in the Nendoriod box is,
Good Smile Company Nendroid Series #77, Saber Lily~!

A back and top view of the box.

All the goodies that come together with this nendroid!

So lets talk about its accessories first!


Iconic in the Fate series, is the Scabbard of Excalibur. Said to be the strongest shield to ever exist, it can withstand any attack.

Excalibur... Very nice detailing here. Especially the part on the scabbard too.

And her "Invisible Sword", as a replacement for the lost Excalibur.

They make a really nice set together, but I cant seem to make Saber hold both...=.=

Here's a little stand for the nendroid. Even though its a Japanese product, they still outsource it to China... And I thought China was gonna ban anything anime related...

Figure Design

A look at her frame tells me its quite detailed. Love the eyes especially. I just feel pierced by her gaze. Nothing like having an angry, chibi Saber looking at you. Haha

Another thing I find moe about Saber Lily is her huge black bow that ties up her movable ponytail. I might have the same fetish as Kyon too....hmm...

Here's the rest of her figure poses and shot of Saber Lily;

I didn't get to make a lot of poses with her as there's many combination to choose from, as well as her different faces...

The "extra pieces"...

Hopefully, my next nendroid will arrive on time (without delays like for this one...) somewhere in November.

Next; Nendroid Akiyama Mio from K-ON!

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