12 July 2009

DaiCon 2009

by 19:47

 Me at the entrance of the Grand Hall

Brought to you by EMiNA, MMU University hosted an anime convention, DaiCon on the 11th and 12th of July. Always attracting many fans, more or less every year, of the sort and bringing in special guests such as the seiyuu for Kurosaki Ichigo in Bleach, Masakazu Morita. But this year they really upped the level by inviting Chihara Minorin, seiyuu and singer of Nagato Yuki in Suzumiaya Haruhi no Yuuutsu. I cant believe she's actually coming~! hahaha. I get to see one my favourite seiyuu of all time~!
After college in the morning of 11th, I gave my friend, Nicky, and myself a ride to MMU University. And it was at Cyberjaya....of all places. After passing by tons of trees with no cars on the road, we arrived at the uni, greeted by the sight of local cosplayers, unfortunately. Passing the huge banner of DaiCon, we entered the Grand Hall. And well....to my dismay, wasn't what i expected. "Free things are seldom good". Haha. I was a bit disappointed with the set up and size of the event.

Nick and i walked around the place, looking at various doujin shops. The works weren't bad as i recognize some vendors from Comic Fiesta.

A nice fan art poster of Yuki. If only Minorin-san would join me on my left....

We viewed the Macross models and headed over to Figure Mall exhibition area for all figurines. And they have yet to disappoint me with they're ridiculous number of figures. From Spice and Wolf to Toradora, Queens Blade to ToLoveRu, and a tons of Nendroid series models, it was a sight of the sore-otaku-eyes. Most of them were of course, near perfect replicas of those character in the animes, coming from famous companies such as Altus, Good Smile, Max Factory and many more.

Some ToLoveRu figures~!

Horo the Wise~!

Some Nendroids~! Kawaii ne?

Couldn't resist to snap a shot of this stack. Haha.

We then passed a accessory shop from KKnM (Kareshi Kanojo no Mise) where they sold goods and merchandise from Cospla, the main merchandising company in Japan. We wanted to enter it but was stopped by the so-called guard and asked us to line up.

"But where?"

"Behind those 5 guys"

"Oh... ok"

"And the 30 others waiting on the other side of the pathway..."


So yea, there was like 40+ people waiting in line to actually enter the damn stall. Every hour, we inched around 10ft. So we calculated, and we needed another hour +. Haiz. Bored as hell, I left Nick in line and visited the
Comic Fiesta booth where they were advertising this year's event on the 19th and 20th Dec. That on Sat and Sun. PLEASE COME PEOPLE~! Then I spotted their Comic Fiesta shirt and had to purchase it as i didnt get the chance to when i was there. And to my surprise, I was free~! Awesome, as i thought but there had to be a catch to it. And there was 1. We had to wear it immediately on that day. HELL YEA~! I'LL DO IT~! haha. And ta-da, [Shirt Acquired]~!

As we were still in line, we played "Guess that Song" as the karaoke competition went on. Some were good, others were just....humiliating. But i always salute and respect those idiots up there cause they have more balls them me(even thought some of them are girls) to sing in front of people. But some actually sang well and quite soothing as I heard the
Fate/stay Night ED being played.

And guess who went up on stage? Not Minorin-san, but Danny Choo~! Well, not really him but what the hell. Haha. He was playing some song with a guitar. Hahaha. Really funny.

Having problems with the microphone? Well with that helmet on, I'm sure answering the phone would be a problem too XD

Finally we reached the store. Well, just barely. We were just in front of the store and still waiting for our turn to enter. Haiz.... long day. In the store (after waiting for another crazy 10min), we viewed a lot of the stuff they were selling.

From file folder to key chains to writing pads and t-shirts, they were irresistible. After waiting in line for so bloody long, might as well get something, but wasn't in that shopping spree mood. Nick asked the salesman how much was the Lucky Star files( typical Nick. Haha).

"How much for the Konata file?"

"Ninety Ninety"


Yea, well, "oh" wasn't really the word of the day. But in my head was, I was thinking more like @#%$#%&&$. So expensive~! Nothing i can do but look at other stuff. but I noticed other file folders were 17 to 19. Must be "popularity price" until Nick asked again because of the difference in pricing.

"How much for this Konata file then?"

"Same, Ninety ninety."

"$19.90 or $90.90?"

"$19.90 la. There, those over there oso selling at $19.90"

WTH~! HAHAHAHA. We heard it wrongly. And that really started my shopping mood. Well, as you can imagine (apply only to those who know Nick), he took those two and I took the very LAST SET of the same design, immediately. LUCKY~!

Konata squishing Kagami~! LOL

And the last of Kidou Senshi Gundam 00 files too. LUCKY~!


And we took some writing pads as well. Not bad at all.

My personal favorite is Eri. Because of her tsundere-ism, i guess? Haha.

Also, I spotted some Persona 3 files as well, and they were the last. LUCKY~!

Awesome art as always by Atlus

Asked them about their shirt and all are $114 per piece. Errr...maybe next time. Took a look at their cups and spotted a cute design of Fate/stay Night occha cups. Ordered 2 of the same which were the last, again~! LUCKY~!

Cute, right?

After paying a lump sum of $***.** (like hell I'm gonna show my financial status XP) we walked out of the hall and noticed a cosplayer in Akatsuki coat using the Gachapon machine. well,'using' was not the word. More like, 'roughing up' the machine was more like it. He was trying to get the Lucky Star figure in it. Don't know what he got but Nick wanted to try his luck too. So we went to try for the key chain version of Lucky Star
(if you have been hearing and wondering what is Lucky Star, please google it. It will change your life. I think)
Somehow, he managed to get Konata~! LOL. I can see the others before him looking on with their open jaws. Hahaha. So I decided to try mine too and got Kagami~! Haha. Seems Nick loves Kagami as much as Konata and wanted t trade for it. Like hell. HAHAHA.

These are the chibi ones we collected. The 3 on the right belong to Nick, the other 2 are mine.

He tried again and got Tsukasa~! LOL. not bad. But I prodded him to buy again since alot of people were trying their luck as well and he wanted to complete the 3 set. So, he went to try his luck again.

And by some stupid or beginners luck, he got another Konata~! ROFL. WTH~! He was so disappointed. But not as disappointed as the others before him looking at his 2 Konatas. HAHAHA. Well, he wanted to get Kagami. So he waited for some one to get her and trade.

Which he did.

Lucky bastard got 3 of them. haha. Oh well. And we got a SD gundam for Jeremy. Since he plays it too.

Waited around and rested for awhile before heading back in. At around 5.30pm, people were making way for something. And there could only be one thing they were waiting for. The star attraction of the show, of course~! CHIHARA-SAMA~!

As lovely as ever, on picture or real life, she was pretty. Not just pretty though. Head-turning pretty. Got a glimpse of her as she walked by. definitely a bishoujo....

Someone needs to tell them to relax. Way too many so-called bodyguards. No one's gonna assassinate or jump on her. She's our idol for crying out loud. No one would dare harm her since she has 100+ bodyguards already in the hall, including us XD

They interviewed her for a Q & A session on stage. Many tried to get photos over the wall they had set up to screen from those who paid and did not. Idiots. Setting standards just to get a bit of money. Of course most of it will go into bringing a super seiyuu here, but some one will definitely pocket some of it along the way. I hate the way they separate the rest of us just to give a 'private session' for them and her. Too bad to those then, who cant afford the $320 and $250 tickets.

A sneak peek over the wall.

Well, the day ended with I giving Nick a ride back to Puchong. All in all, still a good day. And it was too far for us to commute the next day, so this was our first and last trip for DaiCon. Maybe next year? Will post more updates soon. Look forward to it~!

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