10 May 2009

Celestial Junkie~!?

by 02:19
If only I had not talked to him. If only I had not followed him. If only I had not asked him what was so great about Gundam. If only he had kept his mouth shut from asking me to watch the first episode. If only I was deaf at that time. If only.... Now, I'm a Gunpla freak (yea,yea..roll your eyes). And a figurine collector to be exact. Ever since I watched Kidou Senshi Gundam 00, I couldn't stop my self from watching it. Before the 1st episode was ending, my hand dragged the mouse to open more tabs for episode 2, 3, 4 ,5, and so on. Now, I have more or less collected a few Gundam Models (muahahahaha). And I really can get enough of them. Haha. Call it an addiction if you want. I'm just who I am. The next few posts of mine(or most of them..) will cover the models i've collected and assembled. Pictures will be included of course of my precious and most valued models. Look forward to it~!

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