11 May 2012

The Trailer of the Anime I've Waited For 6 Years [Otoboku 2]

by 10:28
Back in 2006, there once existed a site where tons of uploaded goodness were hosted, available for public viewing, before seeing the value in monetizing that damnable site called Crunchyroll. During my long stint at pre-CR, "Otome wa Boku ni Koishiteru" was one of the few gender bender, trap enticing series I came across that had a pretty decent storyline.

And after waiting for 6 years, I finally get my sequel...

Titled "Otome wa Onee-sama ni Koishiteru: Futari no Elder" or just "Otoboku 2" will start airing this Autumn 2012, with the trailer of the OVA recently released.

The sequel was actually out quite awhile back, but in the form of an eroge. But finally, its been animated for my fetishistic pleasure. 

So yeah, its finally here. Waited for a good 6 years and I will not have anyone frown upon or question my taste in men traps, thank you very much. 

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