27 April 2012

Ero-mangaka "tosh" in Jump Magazine? [Manga]

by 03:14
A netizen has spotted what appears to be a new manga with uncanny resemblance to ero-mangaka "tosh" and his styles in Jump Magazine.  

Within the ero-manga community, "tosh" has always been known for his style and unique designs for his characters. As there is speculation as to whether it really is "tosh" sensei, that character design is too similar to his works which I've personally seen. Tho it isn't rare to see ero-mangaka submitting or drawing for official magazines, tosh might be joining their ranks, and I think he will make a great addition with his beautiful characters if so.

The manga titled "Shokugeki no Soma" will have Saeki Shun and Tsukuda Yuuto co-writing, with speculating on 'tosh' being Saeki Shun-sensei (佐伯俊), whom probably be doing most of the drawing.

This oneshot will be released with full coloured pages on the next issue of JUMP NEXT! this coming holiday. The story will revolve around a "young chef prodigy aiming for the perfect course with a high-class young lady."

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