30 December 2011

Fate/Prototype in Carnival Phantasm Season 3

by 03:22
The upcoming slap-stick and mixed up universe of Carnival Phantasm Season 3 is set to include an original anime Fate/Prototype; a 12-minute look at the original draft of the Fate/Stay Night anime.

Before Nasu Kinoko-sensei, author of Kara no Kyoukai and Tsukihime, had finished finalizing the Fate/stay Night novel and plot as we all now know, a draft version of the light novel was created prior to its completion.

Now, almost 8 years later, it has been animated into a 12-minute video with all 7 Masters being female, and a male Saber?!

1 comment:

BlackSun88 said...

wow this was interesting XDD so male saber will build his harem huh?

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