08 October 2011

Nisemonogatari Character Visual and Scans

by 18:14
The latest monthly Newtype magazine reveals the character visuals of the upcoming sequel; Nisemonogatari.

Nisemonogatari is the latest among Nishio Isin's work to receive an anime adaption as the sequel to the sensational series, Bakemonogatari. The sequel will focus more on the Hiiragi sisters with the return of many more familiar characters supporting new styles and "outfits", from Suruga's cute exposed buns or Nadeko's hairband to Tsubasa's and Hitagi's short hairstyle. 

The less eye-cancerous version:

A snippet from a magazine also reveals the current status of the Nisemonogatari anime project, which has the whole script up and ready to go, with a storyboard well underway. Fans are already expecting loads from the sequel, as Shaft had previously delivered the prequel as one of their greatest works.

Nisemonogatari will premier this coming January for the Winter 2012 anime lineup. 


Yourtime said...

nice nice, should finally watch bakemonogatori

shizuo said...

Why Hanekawa change her hairstyle.



Yoshii-kun said...

@shizuo She looks rather sweet now. I think its quite nice :D

BlackSun88 said...

why !!! why short hair!! (face palm

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