06 August 2011

2ch Delighted Over Mizuki Nana's Exposed Thighs

by 11:33
Top seiyuu idol Mizuki Nana has appeared on TV, delighting fans with her thigh and various angle exposures.

The show starts the interview regarding her work as a successful voice actress and singer who has performed many roles and concerts to date. Much of the show just questions her about herself and her past ^^

Go Tigers! 

Mizuki Nana always leaves a good impression of herself, with her cheerful smile and energetic style of doing things.
Its hard not to criticize her as she's really sweet and cheerful to be with.
I love her for her roles, voice and for being herself ^^

1 comment:

Blacksun88 said...

yes, we certainly need her in more lead role ^^ love her voice!!

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