18 February 2011

「IS」Infinite Stratos: The Game

by 11:01
Think you have what it takes to pilot your own "Infinite Stratos Unit"?
Regardless of your gender, come and test your skills, after the break.


How To Play:
As warfare between IS are strictly prohibited, one may only enhance their battle skills through target practice at a simulated shooting range. Choose a pilot with their respective IS and shoot / cut down as many targets as possible within the time limit. The pilots are:
  • Orimura Ichika IS: Byakushiki - Agile, melee type
  • Cecilia Alcott - IS: Blue Tears - Long range, shooter type
  • Fang Lin Yin - IS: Shen Long - Range and melee type

There might be more playable IS as the story develops further (or if creator isn't too lazy lol).
Will update with the latest version of the game when it's out.
The only keys you need are "Z", "X" and navigation keys;
  • Z - Primary Attack
  • X - Secondary Attack (I love Cecilia's dragoon shooters ^^) 
  • Navigation - Movement
Targets either give you points or extend your time limit;
  • Blue (100 points)
  • Green (500 points)
  • Small white (+2 seconds)
  • Big white (+7 seconds)

Although I love Cecilia's IS attacks, I still preferred Orimura's.
Try beating my personal best: 36,300 with Byakushiki ^^

Have a try here and Goodluck!
*images here have nothing to do with the game, just random 8-bit art. tee-hee. 

I don't think I was clear enough. The flash game is right below here. Press Z and it will start. 

My dreamteam harem!!! 


Blacksun88 said...

i dont see any link to the game in the article? loook interesting though

The Extroverted Otaku said...

The screen with the "press z key" is a flash game.
Try pressing Z.

Anonymous said...

please make a mobile game for this ^.^v

Anonymous said...

Wow that great, thanks for the game.

joine jukas said...

I hope they will make real game for this anime.I love this anime...oh i cant wait.....>.<

Alvar Rutra said...

Nice game! My high-score was 17200 TTATT

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