24 January 2011

[Madoka Magica] How Some Reacted to Mami's Death...

by 15:59

So, how did the denizens react to Puella Magi Madoka★Magica's Episode 3?

Some took it quite well actually, or even liked it, while others are still crying in the corner till fugly, some have given up the show, poked fun about it, raged about it, were mentally scarred for life, never watching another mahou shoujo by SHAFT (yea, you got shafted lol), committed suicide or admitted into ICU due to trauma.

But hey, 人生は冒険のつづく。。。-さかなちゃん
(The adventure of life continues... - Sakana-chan)

Many Jap-blogs boomed with mixed reactions, with approx. 315,000 results concerning only that episode (Guru Google told me that)

While some are replaying episode 3 to try avoiding the BAD END, here's some reaction's and graphic content about R.I.P Mami-san with a few translation, after the break. (this is when you hide the kids)

Note: Leeched from 2ch boards and other blogs, not clusterfuck pivix/Nico/etc. 

(And they live happily ever after....NOT)

See them reattach (hopefully) the head (and other devoured body parts) next week!


Anonymous said...

Didn't watch this show but since when did Mahou Shoujo series became so er...grotesque?

Kind of creep-ed out personally (I don't like horror stuff).

Yoshii-kun said...

Neither do I, but it was a real shocker.
I can only imagine the trauma inflicted upon happy, innocent minds only to have them ripped apart, literally.
The ASCII art described most of our reactions pretty well too xD

To the victims, "YOU GOT SHAFTED!" lol

Blacksun88 said...

shafted... indeed!! I know about this even though i havent watch this series, and i think they had their publication done right. look at how NND netizen reacted with her death with all those RIP videos...

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