06 March 2010

RX-0 Unicorn Gundam [Destroy Mode] | Full Psycho Frame Prototype Mobile Suit (HGUC)

by 17:54

 March had crept in ever so slowly and stealthy. 

I was not given the luxury to welcome this month so warmly as I had a pile of assignments wrapped in "DEADLINE" red tape sitting on my desktop. Now that it's over, I thought I should reward my hard efforts and got myself this model kit.

Been awhile since I last posted a model kit. But expect more to come, especially my "1/72 Armored Messiah" due to land around next week. So anyways....

I'm sure all (or most) gundam/mecha freaks out there have watched "Gundam Unicorn". Loved it, especially the fact the original art was more or less preserved due to the UC era. Even more so on the improved graphics and fluid motions, unlike common tricks where they recycle the battle scenes in the past >_>

Now onto the kit...

Manual and some tools. 

Finished in exactly 1 day. Should have put more hours in it though... 
But no regrets on the panel lining =D

The Unicorn Gundam head unit. At the back are x2 "Beam Saber/Tonfa". 
Have yet to see them in action

And the lovely shield. I was quite amazed at how striking and bold it became after panel-lining it a little. 

"Beam Magnum". Can't say much as, again, have yet to see it in action. 

At the ending part, the Unicorn displayed it's prized Full Psycho Frame feature. 
Gave me that goosebump effect when deployed =D

What I find the most striking are the leg units. 
Really huge (was wondering when i was gonna finish it) with lots of parts. 
Again, awesome with panel-lines. Brings out the machine part. 

Boosters located at the back and leg units. I didn't know it had blue parts at first. o.O

Some very sexy (lol) poses. Still love that shield and side look~!

That's all form me for now. If the almighty Gods and fate itself smiles upon me, I should be getting 00 Gundam Seven Sword" in 2 weeks or less. HELLYEA!

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