26 April 2011

Akemi Homura's Weapon Gallery

by 23:11

Time travelling and gun-wielding Puella Magi, Akemi Homura has utilized some of the most destructive weapons created by man. 2ch gathers and compiles a list of all her armaments in the series;

"Homu-chan's List of Specialised Weaponry"

*left to right

Magical Buckler | Front View | Mechanism Gimmick | Center Part
Magical Time Bomb | 2 second Explosion 
Magical Pipe Bomb | Production Process 
Magical Flash Bang Grenade **
Magical Grenade***
Magical Detonator  
Magical Mortar (M29 / L16 / M252 mortar) | Projected Impact Site (paper)
Magical Tank Truck 
Magical Missile (Type "88 Surface to Ship" Anti-warship Guided Missile)
Magical Hand Gun (M9 / BERETTA M92F)
Magical Hand Gun (Desert Eagle)
Magical Golf Club (ahahahaha)
Magical Beam 
Magical Shotgun (Remington M870)
Magical Light Machine Gun (FN Minimi M249)
Magical Assault Rifle (Type 89 rifle) ****
Magical Anti Tank Weapon (RPG -7 & M136 AT4)
Magical Bunker Buster (GBU-28)

* 2ch has no clue what this is, so they labelled it at "Tokumori" (extra large serving) since it resembles the food ticketing machines commonly found in restaurants across Japan. The large serving part is...well, a large serving of explosion? lol. More credible suggestions are welcomed here ^^

** this looks like a grenade tho

*** this looks like a flash bang tho

**** used by the JSDF

Now for the juicy bit: Some of these weapons were actually stolen from military bases in Japan.  

Apparently, some of the JSDF and US military bases in Japan had a "few" (that's an understatement) weapons and supplies stolen or missing from their bases and depos. Only found one "official" report in wikipedia, viewable here (its in moonrunes tho).

A 2ch user recalls "in detail" some unreported incidents about stolen equipment. Some of the stuff stolen was a pair of 9mm pistols, a light machine gun, a few anti-tank rockets, a number of mortars and a large unknown number of flash bangs, grenades and explosive crates. This includes 6 "surface-to-ship" missiles in Gunma prefecture that went "missing" (Sound familiar?).

These accusations are, of course, "speculah" as there's no official report of such dangerous weaponry ever gone missing from the JSDF's stockpile (its not like they're gonna admit we "misplaced" a few of our lethal weapons anyway). But when there's smoke, there's fire (and I love a good conspiracy)

But one does have to wonder if the rumors of stolen weapons inspired their appearance in the series, and if the cause of them was due to a certain time traveler...


Anonymous said...

yakuza also some lost fingers in a similar incident of "lost" weapons ...

Blacksun88 said...

those weapon fanatics are truly amazing XD

Anonymous said...

I am surprised that Homura didnt use davi crockets and other Tactical Nuclear devices against Walpurgis Night

Yoshii-kun said...

@Anonymous That might cause some serious adverse effects, with or without a barrier xD

Anonymous said...

sry for asking this, when did homu-homu use type 89 rifle? tyvm

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