18 February 2011

Puella USB ★ Mami Magica

by 11:01
Hey, don't you wish this was real?
◕ ‿‿ ◕
Really creative stuff. Kinda sadistic but it's cool. 

Ever since Urobuchi (scriptwriter of Madoka) decided to grow some balls and killed off fans' favourite Mami, all kinds of arts and parodies have popped up to *commemorate her untimely death.

Hence, this concept art was born. The ultimate creation for the ultimate purpose of trolling with sheer creativity and innovation. And now, everyone wants one too. Including Yoshii-kun for his sick purposes.

Yoshii-kun: Hey! I thought it looked cool. You can pop off and on her head again anytime! 

A certain fan heard the wishes of the people and transform this masterpiece into the real thing:

 Now, is an awesome chomping sound and flashing lights included as well when the USB is 
*plugged and *played?

Yoshii-kun: She looks like she jammed her head in a com if you plug her in lol. 


minoru said...

this.. is.. cruel

Yoshii-kun said...

But admit it, you want it, don't you? xD

Anonymous said...

>implying Urobuchi didn't have BALLS OF STEEL even before madoka

Blacksun88 said...

poor mami-senpai, being play like this even after her death... T_T

motaku96 said...


Mokou-tan said...

They should start selling this USB. USB should look this interesting, not boring looking shape... =3="

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