05 April 2011

Touhou Girls Caught Licking in Public

by 13:49
Girls from the Touhou universe were spotted licking a certain demon king in Melon Books store.

(NSFW up ahead)

"The Demon King, Mara-sama is greatly pleased!!! Look at this smiling face!! 

Yea, he's pleased alright...

Opening to domestic orders here or here.


Vince said...

Wow, a must have! LOL xD

Anonymous said...

omg lol XD nice one, you just got a new blog watcher >: D

Anonymous said...


arg I hoped I could use a nickname -.- .. well then
greets Yourtime :D

Yoshii-kun said...

@Anonymous Lol. Welcome Yourtime.
There's a Name/URL option to pick as one of the nicknames to use ^^

Blacksun88 said...

my eye =.= damn it lol

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